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Below are the video interviews for our 4 finalists. Please note: This video contains all 4 video interviews. This is not their entire story. This is 4 people letting you know who they are, hoping you will give them the smile they all deserve.

**Voting instructions can be found below the video**

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Voting opens at noon on 1/8/16 and closes on 1/15/16 @ 11:59pm. There are 6 ways to vote. Please only vote once per method. Duplicate votes will not be counted.

1) Email their name to:

2) Text their name to: (801) 669-3525

3) Post a comment with their name to Gunnerson Dental’s Instagram post

4) Post a comment with their name on the Youtube video 

5) Take the poll that’s posted on Facebook (shown below).

6) Post a comment to Gunnerson Dental’s Blog Post.

To all of the finalists, you are all amazing people who have given so much! Good luck to all of you!

( Please note: Due to changes in on-line voting rules with some social media sites, we must use a third party voting system to count those votes. Facebook, Google, Instagram or Youtube are in no way associated, affiliated or endorsing this contest. For questions please call (801) 658-1563 or email

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Voting is now open for the Smile Makeover Finalists! Whose life will you change?

Adrian Escalante
Chris Vaughan
Kellie Fay
Saun Bryson

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