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Avoid These Common Tooth Brushing Mistakes

Do you often get cavities? Are you always looking for a new toothpaste because the previous one didn’t live up to your expectations? It could be your brushing habits that prevent you from having the smile of your dreams. 

From K. Cheyn Gunnerson, DMD, and the staff of Gunnerson Dental, here’s a list of brushing mistakes that can lead to poor dental health. 

Brushing too hard 

There’s something to be said about being overzealous when brushing. You don’t want to push too hard against your teeth.

Your enamel and gums are prone to damage from such mechanical pressure. And many people develop bleeding gums from brushing too hard. 

Be gentle with your teeth, and take your time to brush each tooth. The desire to save time is usually what causes people to apply too much pressure when brushing. 

Brushing after a meal 

This tip may sound counterintuitive. Isn’t it ideal to scrape food and the bacteria off of your teeth as soon as possible?

The answer is no, and here’s why: After you eat, your mouth may be acidic, especially if you consumed acidic fruits or drinks. In a slightly acidic environment, your enamel becomes sensitive, and brushing against sensitive enamel may weaken your teeth. 

As a result, it’s a good idea to wait at least one hour after a meal before brushing your teeth. 

Using a brush with hard bristles 

Soft bristles are safer because they don’t irritate your gums and teeth as much. This may also force you to be more diligent about brushing, as it takes longer to remove the bacteria with a softer brush. 

Forgetting to buy a new toothbrush every three months 

Even if you store your brush properly and you let it air dry, bacteria can still build up on your brush. And worn-out bristles tend to be more abrasive, so it’s wise to replace a toothbrush sooner rather than later.

Picking the wrong brush

When selecting a new toothbrush, many people overlook the size of a brush’s head and the shape of a brush’s handle.

If you have a small mouth and use an oversized brush, you may end up missing spots because of how difficult it is to use a large brush in small, enclosed spaces. 

The size of your hand matters as well. Before buying a brush, pay attention to how it fits in your hand, and determine if the handle is too long or too thick for you.

Get your teeth in tiptop shape 

Do you want to get a whiter smile, or perhaps you’re looking to fix misalignment? 

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