If crooked teeth have been holding you back from smiling, Dr. K. Cheyn Gunnerson can help! At Gunnerson Dental, you are never too old to get a straighter smile with our adult orthodontic treatments. Our office specifically uses Cfast™, a type of brace that focuses on “the social six”, or the front six teeth on both the upper and lower arches. These six teeth are rotated, leveled, and aligned in a process similar to traditional braces, but the treatment only lasts about 6 months instead of 18 or more. Although Cfast™ uses wire and brackets, they are hardly noticeable because they are designed to blend in with your smile. Now, with the help of our dentist, you can get a simple, quick, and affordable treatment that will give you a straighter, more confident smile. Call our office today at 801-658-0102 to learn more about adult orthodontics in Payson, Utah, and to schedule your consultation visit.