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Are you in need of a teeth whitening treatment to improve your smile? Even if you have optimal health, your teeth will age over time, which can lead to discoloration and stains. In addition, if you practice any unhealthy habits or improper oral hygiene habits, you may not be cleaning your mouth as well as you should. If so, a tooth whitening treatment may be needed to brighten your smile. Common varieties include the following:

– In-office teeth whitening treatments: In-office whitening treatments are considered the safest and most effective of all teeth whitening treatment systems. They are extremely effective, as they are professionally customized to each individual to ensure they have the tightest possible hold on your teeth for the whitening tray, as well as the safest gels for your mouth.

– Dentist provided teeth whitening treatments for at-home use: Due to the fact in-office whitening treatments are so effective, they do not need to be given frequently and instead, your dentist can provide you with at-home treatments to touch up any potential issues that may arise.

– Over-the-counter teeth whitening systems: Exercise caution with any over the counter teeth whitening treatment systems. Many products are not capable of working as advertised, and since they are unregulated, they can potentially cause harm to your mouth including bleaching your gums and causing potential tooth enamel loss. Always speak with your dentist before using any over-the-counter whitening system.

– Additional forms of whitening: Teeth whitening ingredients can be found in traditional cleaning tools such as toothpaste, mouthwash, and chewing gum.

If you require teeth whitening treatments in Payson, Utah, Gunnerson Dental would love to assist you. For a thorough examination to determine which treatment will work best for you, you can set an appointment with Dr. K. Cheyn Gunnerson by calling our dentist office at 801-658-0102.