What causes dental anxiety?

Studies suggest that 9-15% of Americans don’t get the dental care they need due to dental anxiety. There are many more people who do get the attention they need, but the process is far from pleasurable thanks to the stress and anxiety.

In other words, if the thought of going to the dentist brings about anxiety, you’re not alone. Pain, loud dental noises, and the consequences of deferred care can all contribute to dental anxiety.

At Gunnerson Dental, the team understands this anxiety, which is why they’ve embraced a new technique called NuCalm, which is a drug-free way to destress your dental experience.

NuCalm helps you feel relaxed and refreshed during your dental experience.

NuCalm, the relaxation system that was first used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, has now been introduced in dentistry to help patients feel calm and relaxed during treatments. Gunnerson Dental is one of the first dental offices to use this method, Dr. Gunnerson explains.
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How does NuCalm work?

The patented NuCalm system is designed to relax your body and your mind by combining physics, biochemistry, and neurophysiology. These different disciplines work together to bring your mind into a natural state called parasympathetic nervous system dominance.

By tapping into your parasympathetic nervous system, your mind can relax, allowing your body to rebuild, heal, and recover naturally. 

The NuCalm system relies on four features:

  • A nutrient-sourced topical cream that counteracts your adrenaline response by calming your sense of fight or flight
  • Microcurrent stimulation patches, which your provider placed behind both your ears to deliver a small current into your body to help encourage relaxation 
  • Noise-dampening headphones that use neuroacoustic software to block out sound and bring your brainwaves to the natural pre-sleep stage
  • A light-blocking eye mask to eliminate all visual stimulation to keep you relaxed

As you can see, with NuCalm, there’s no need for sedatives, which can leave you groggy. Instead, the team at Gunnerson Dental taps the power of the human body to calm itself in an environment that discourages stress and encourages healing.

How long does it take for NuCalm to work?

The fantastic part about the NuCalm system is that it takes only four minutes to establish a relaxed state of mind. This expediency allows the team at Gunnerson Dental to quickly get your dental work done.

During the first two minutes, your provider sets you up with the cream, patches, headphones, and eye mask. Then you simply lie back and allow yourself to enter a state of natural relaxation.

If you’d like to learn for yourself why NuCalm has a 95% success rate in alleviating dental anxiety, call Gunnerson Dental or use the online booking tool to set up an appointment.