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Meet Francisco, our patient of the month! When our team was asked to vote for the next patient of the month, it was unanimous! Francisco is one of those people who is always smiling and so upbeat that we always look forward to his visits in our office! So we surprised Francisco at his last appointment and asked him if he would be willing to answer some questions for us. This is what he had to say:

Do you have a nickname? “Paco.”

What’s your most embarrassing moment? “When I fell down trying to longboard and while playing Pokemon Go!”

What was your first car? “Ford Explorer.”

What’s your favorite color? “Blue.”

What is your most favorite thing about your job? “Essential Oils.” 

Where do you work? “Young Living.”

What have you always wanted to do but never tried? “Sky diving!”

How many US States have you been to? “5.”

What is your favorite vacation spot? “Las Vegas.”

What’s your favorite childhood memory? “Going to Reno, Nevada.” 

What are your favorite foods? “Mexican! Or any food except fish!”

His hobbies include: Going to the movies, parties, going to the lake with friends, going to Lagoon and dancing!

Congratulations Francisco and thank you for being a part of our dental family!