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Meet Michelle, our patient of the month! Michelle has such a fun personality with a great sense of humor, making her such a joy to talk to! Plus, she is so thoughtful and considerate of those around her that you just want to hug her! So we asked Michelle if she would be willing to answer some questions for us and this is what she had to say:

Do you have a nickname? “My nick name growing up was Shelly or Shell-Bell (this one was only used by my mom).”

What is your favorite quote? “My favorite quote comes from a scripture- “This too shall pass”.”

What is your favorite color? “My favorite color to wear is Black (it’s slimming).  My favorite color in the whole world is Kelly GREEN!!!!”

What’s your most embarrassing moment? “My most embarrassing moment was when I was performing in a color-guard competition in Jr. High. The pole of my flag got caught on my poodle skirt and when I tried to twirl my flag it threw my skirt up over my head. LOL!!!”

What was your first car? “My first car was a little grandma car, a Dodge Aries.  I had this little key chain that looked like a cargo box. When you pushed a button on the key chain it would sound like there was a person trapped in the box. It would say ” knock! Knock! Is anybody there?!”  I freaked out so many friends thinking I had someone locked in my trunk. LOL!!!”

What scares you the most? “Losing someone I love dearly.”

What is your favorite part about your job? “My favorite part of my job is public speaking. I love it because it helps bring clarity and new perspective to the lives of others.” 

What have you always wanted to do but have yet to try? “I have always wanted to try fire walking because it would be super cool to tell people I’ve walked on fire. ”

How long have you been married? “I have been married to my hubby for 17 years. We love doing projects together. And actually, Home Depot is one of our favorite places to go. LOL! 

If a movie was made about your life, who would you cast to play you? “I would want Nicole Kidman to play me.”

What is your favorite vacation spot? “My favorite vacation spot is Estes Park, Co.  I love it because it’s SO pretty and it’s also where I met my husband.”

What is your favorite food? “I love all pretty much every kind of food. I’m a foodie. But I crave Indian and Thai food the most.”

What is your favorite childhood memory? “My favorite childhood memory is spending time with my grandma working in her flower garden and listening to her sing songs while sitting on her porch swing.”

What book are you currently reading and what is your all time favorite book? “The book I’m currently reading is the” Make It Happen Blueprint” by Michelle McCollough. I recommend it to anyone who wants to “go big” in their lives. My all time favorite book is “The Princess Bride”. It’s a great movie but an AWESOME book.”

Who is one of your hero’s and why? “My mom is my hero. She overcame Impossible odds and went back to school in her 60’s and became a P.I. (Private Investigator).  Yes, she packs heat. She is a fearless protector of her family, and always stands for truth and righteousness. She’s amazing!!!!”

What are some of your hobbies? “My hobbies include reading, knitting, hiking, camping, cooking, gardening and public speaking. Things I do on the weekend include hiking, exploring and road trips.”

Is there a life lesson or words of wisdom you would like to share? “Something I’ve been thinking about lately is a quote from Steven Covey. To know but not do is to not know.  In other words, if you have gained the knowledge put it to work for you and see what changes come. Because if you don’t you’re missing out on incredible experiences.  It’s a good reminder for me everyday.”

Congratulations Michelle and thank you for being a part of our dental family here at Gunnerson Dental!

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