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Meet Vashty, our patient of the month for June! We all agree that Vashty is both an awesome patient and an amazing person, with a contagious smile and the personality to match! So we asked Vashty if she would be willing to stop by our office to pick-up her gift card and answer some questions for us. This is what she had to say:

Do you have a nickname? “V or Vash.”

What’s your most embarrassing moment? “Leaving the house with my shirt on backwards!”

What’s your favorite quote? “A dream is a wish your heart makes” disney

What’s your favorite color? “Purple.”

What is your most favorite thing about your job? “The people I work with.” 

Where do you work? “Provo DMV.”

What have you always wanted to do but never tried? “Bungee jumping!”

How many US States have you been to? “10.”

What is your favorite vacation spot? “Puerto Rico.”

What’s your favorite childhood memory? “Going to Disney World.”

What scares you the most? “Being Judged.” 

What are your favorite foods? “Everything!”

Vashty has set a weightless goal for this year and it’s coming up soon! Way to go Vashty!

Her hobbies include: Reading, going to the movies, creating, watching tv and playing board games.

Congratulations Vashty and thank you for being a part of our dental family!