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Have you considered receiving root canal treatment but would like to learn more about it? Typically, Dr. K. Cheyn Gunnerson recommends a root canal procedure in order to save damaged teeth that may otherwise require extraction. Below is an overview of dental conditions that could result in the need for root canal treatment to prevent further oral health complications.

When a situation occurs in which the dental pulp receives damage that cannot be repaired, root canal treatment may be the best option. Your tooth pulp serves an important function in your mouth because it contains the tooth nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels, but a tooth that is healthy can still function without the pulp for many years.

The tooth enamel is very strong, but it can become compromised if you have a bad oral accident or your face or head is struck by blunt trauma that results in tooth damage. If these situations cause a tooth to suffer chips, fractures or cracks, these could become openings for bacteria that reach the inner tooth and causes damage.

Additional risks that can affect the teeth and eventually result in pulp damage include cavities and tooth enamel erosion. The formation of a cavity is a hole in the tooth that creates a channel for the bacteria to access your pulp and cause harm. To prevent your tooth enamel from being affected by harmful acids, it’s important to practice daily oral health care like brushing and flossing. If these conditions are able to reach the pulp and cause damage, you may need to receive root canal treatment in order to save the overall tooth.

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