A recommendation is the best compliment you can give us. Our team strives to give each patient personalized, uplifting, and gentle care while they are in our office, and we love helping you achieve a smile that you love! Dr. K. Cheyn Gunnerson and our team are skilled to address and resolve your dental concerns. We invite you to read our reviews to see why our patients love visiting our office and to get a glimpse as to the treatment you can expect during your visits. If you would like to leave your own review, or to schedule your appointment with our dentist in Payson, Utah, please contact us today at 801-658-0102. We are pleased to provide you with quality dental care.

“BEST Dental Experience!”

Wow!! BEST dental experience in like totally forever!! I definitely recommend this place! Very welcoming and everyone there is soon nice! I say five stars! Great!

“Definitely Recommend This Office!”

Thanks to Gunnerson dental, I feel comfortable going to the dentist! They made me feel at home right as I walked through their doors. Their hygienist is very gentle and I loved meeting Dr. Johnson & Dr. Gunnerson. Definitely recommend this office.

“Friendly & Outgoing Staff!”

We have been going to Gunnerson Dental since we moved to Payson 4 years ago. We love Dr. Gunnerson and Dr. Johnson and the staff. The staff watched my 2 year old son while Ali cleaned my teeth. When my appointment was done, Ali let my little boy ride in the chair so that he will be a little more prepared for his first visit to the dentist! Love this office and all the friendly and outgoing staff!

“Very Techy Office!”

I’ve been going to Dr Gunnerson for approximately ten years and he has been great. Their office is very clean and staff are very friendly. They want to make sure their patients are comfortable. They text, email and call for reminders. Very techy office- always using the latest and greatest of what the dental has to offer.

“They Truly Care!”

They have a very professional and friendly staff. They truly care about whats best for me and their patients. Very clean office and they always have a smile. Doctors are professional and extremely good at what they do. Very pleased!!

“Best Dentist & Staff!”

It’s such a great environment. There are only two things that would make it better. If they served you dinner. The other is if they changed their candy dish from lifesavers to caramels. But in a serious note, hands down the best dentist and staff that I’ve been to. Trust me. That’s a lot of dentists

“My Dentist For Life!”

Every time I go in all of the staff is very friendly. They offer quite a bit to their patients. I was kind of nervous to go to a new dentist but they made it so comfortable! These guys are my dentist for life now!

“Made Me Feel At Ease!”

I am thrilled they have Friday appointments now!!! I don’t need to schedule work off for my dental stuff. Dr. Johnson and his assistant made me feel at ease discussing each step during my appointment. I love that, I like knowing what is happening. I also have very tight cheeks and a small mouth for an adult and Dr. Johnson checked with me many times to see how I was doing during my visit.
Also, I have to mention the numbness was going away within the time I was headed out the door. AMAZING! I hate being numb for hours after a dental visit.

“Courteous & Knowledgeable!”

Very organized and neatly kept office. Love the complimentary service, when you come in they offer you a drink. Then when they take you back they offer lip balm, heat pad, etc. And the staff is very nice, courteous and knowledgeable.

“Help Care For Kids!”

The staff is absolutely Amazing! Everyone is very kind and makes sure your needs are met. They help you ease your fears about being at a dental office and are even willing to help care for your kids while you’re being seen. Love this place!