Payson, UT area dentist offers sedation dentistry for anxious patients

Patients who avoid visiting the dentist because of their dental anxiety may want to ask our Payson, UT, area professional about sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry allows patients to have procedures done in the dental chair with less fear, thanks to various methods available. Dr. K. Cheyn Gunnerson and his team at Gunnerson Dental offer these types of sedation for patients:

  • Nitrous oxide – nitrous oxide has been used for many years by dental practices to ease anxious patients. This is a gas administered through the nose that provides instant relaxation to a patient before their treatment is performed. It is easily reversed with oxygen administration.
  • Oral conscious sedation – oral conscious sedation dentistry involves the use of a prescription medication that is provided to the patient before their appointment. The medication offers sedation that keeps the patient conscious and able to answer questions and follow directions throughout their appointment. Patients who choose oral conscious sedation need to arrange transportation to and from the practice as they cannot operate heavy machinery while the medication is in their system. This is great for those with moderate to severe anxieties.
  • NuCalm – NuCalm is the use of a proprietary system that is developed to relax the mind and body in a few minutes using a variety of techniques, including neurophysiology, biochemistry, and physics or a more natural and holistic way of calming anxious patients in the dental chair.

Which sedation method is right for me?

Our team will evaluate a patient and talk to them about their anxieties to help them choose a sedation method that is most appropriate for their level of anxiety and concerns. All of our options are affordable and can be used for a wide range of services.

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At Gunnerson Dental in Payson, Utah, we provide the best possible care for patients who might otherwise avoid their upcoming dental appointment due to anxiety. We welcome new and current patients who are interested in sedation dentistry options to contact our dentist to learn more about comfortable, painless dentistry solutions offered. Call (801) 658-0175 today to request a consultation visit at 33 W 300 S.