How do I get started on my smile makeover?

If you have small cosmetic dentistry issues that overshadow your otherwise great smile, a smile makeover is just the ticket. Study after study backs up the power of a great smile, which can accomplish everything from making you look more confident, younger, and even thinner.

The bottom line is that there’s no downside to a great smile, and the road there may be easier than you think.

While it’s one thing to look at before-and-after pictures of other patients who’ve undergone smile makeovers, you probably want to see what the possibilities are when it comes to your smile. Recognizing that, the team at Gunnerson Dental offers Smile Virtual Consulting. This service allows your providers to send in pictures of your teeth for a digital consultation.

Based on your unique issues, Smile Virtual Consulting makes recommendations for the best treatments to improve your smile and shows you how they work.

What is involved in a smile makeover?

This question is difficult to answer as there are many services that fall under a smile makeover, including:

  • Clear braces
  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Restorations, such as dental implants or crowns

Of course, budget and timeline also play a role, so the dentist sits down with you after your Smile Virtual Consultation to discuss the best plan moving forward. 

How long does it take to makeover my smile?

Here again, the answer depends upon which smile makeover techniques you’ll be using. For example, if you’re struggling with misaligned teeth, the first order of business is to straighten out those six highly visible teeth in your top or bottom rows, which Gunnerson Dental can typically accomplish in six months.

Once your teeth are lined up beautifully (or perhaps they already are), the team at Gunnerson can tackle any imperfections through effective solutions like veneers or crowns. Gunnerson Dental is equipped with CEREC® technology, which allows them to custom manufacture your veneers and crowns on-site, saving you considerable time.

And one of the most effective and most natural smile makeover tools is professional teeth whitening, which can brighten your teeth by several shades in just one visit.

If you’d like to get started on your smile makeover, call Gunnerson Dental or request a consultation using the online scheduler.