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JOIN OUR FITNESS CHALLENGE AND WIN! Our office has entered a fitness challenge at our office and would love it if you did it with us! To help motivate you, when you come in for your hygiene appointment, enter to win 2 memberships to Anytime Fitness in Payson, UT! It’s that easy! The challenge starts April 1st and runs through June 30th.

Our challenge consists of different areas of focus. They are: Nutrition, Acts of Kindness, Activity, Smart Calorie Beverage, Oral Health, and Mental or Spiritual Wellness. All of these things together will help us have more energy and feel better about ourselves.

Here are some tips on nutrition to get you started:

We all know including more healthy fruits and vegetables in our diet can substantially improve our physical health. But did you know eating your fruits and veggies can benefit your smile as well? We want to help show you which foods can best brighten and strengthen teeth. Here are a few healthy options to show your smile you care:

  • Leafy Greens–dark, leafy greens like kale, spinach, and collard greens have calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B2, and magnesium–all essential for healthy teeth and gums.
  • Cheese, milk, and yogurt–dairy is the go-to dental recommendation for a reason! Few other foods give such a great boost of calcium.
  • Broccoli–In addition to being rich in vitamins, broccoli has been shown to create an acid-resistant teeth “shield.”
  • Oranges–a lack of vitamin C can break down the collagen network in your gums, making them tender and more susceptible to bacteria and gum disease.
  • Celery–because of its fibrous material, it massages gums, cleans teeth, and encourages saliva production—making it a natural tooth scrubber!

Also, ditch your dinner plate and pull out those smaller, 9″ salad plates! Part of eating healthier is eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. Eating 5-6 small snacks/meals per day will help keep your metabolism moving as well as maintain your blood sugar levels, which benefits your whole body!

During your next visit to our office in Payson, Utah, pledge to take the “Fitness Challenge” and post a photo on social media, using the hashtag #gunnersondental to be entered to win the 2 memberships to Anytime Fitness of Payson!

Participating Is Easy!

  • Step 1: Choose a fun social social sign, pledge to take the challenge, and take a picture holding the sign.
  • Step 2: Post the photo to Facebook and/or Instagram as a public post with hashtag #gunnersondental.
  • Step 3: Receive a raffle entry to win a prize!
  • For every photo you post between now and June 30th, on Facebook or Instagram, that a shows us you are working on any of those areas of health, you get even more entries into the drawing!

Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for more information and updates, and thank you for being a part of our dental family!

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