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Introducing Our Most Recent Spotlight

Have you met Concepcion yet? Concepcion is our Insurance Coordinator who also speaks fluent Spanish! Some fun facts about Concepcion, is that she has a passion for animals, family and spike-ball! She spends her free time at the BYU games with family and friends. When she’s not out and about she can be found at home in the reading nook, snuggled up with her dog.

So this month, for Concepcions spotlight video, we’re going to share with you a video from one of our DubSmashes!

The Interview

Do you have a nickname? “My office nickname is Concepci, my family has a certain nickname for me, but I don’t tell people.  🙂 Also some friends call me Esther or Navarro because my name is too hard for me to say for them, but I’d like to think they are just lazy.”

What is your most embarrassing moment? “Wow most embarrassing… my entire love life? Yup that’s it.

What is your favorite quote and why? “You are entirely up to you” because it is simple, true and to the point.

What was your fist car? “I had a BWM, I can’t remember the year, but it was gray, and I thought I was so cool (I really wasn’t) but I felt super cool in it. It had a sunroof or whatever those are called, and I loved driving with that open!”

Tell us something on your Bucket List that you plan on accomplishing soon! “Do some sort of running event, I dislike running and probably always will, but hopefully sometime next year or by the end of this year I would like to do it.”

What is your favorite childhood memory? “I remember when I was about 5, every time I went to my grandpa’s house we would walk together to the store and we would buy a piece of candy and share it and he would just tell me stories! That’s probably one of my favorite memories because I haven’t had grandparents since I was about 8.

What is your favorite vacation spot? “I love northern California because it’s so beautiful but mainly because so many people that I love reside there.”

Who is one of your hero’s and why? “My parents, because they are so selfless they never think of themselves first, and have sacrificed so much for my family. I love them, and I hope to acquire the characteristics they have.”

What is your favorite part about your job. “When I have been fighting for an insurance claim and they pay for it, or when insurance is wrong, and they don’t admit, and I call them out on it, and man it’s just great!”

What is your favorite color? “I like purple or yellow.”  

What is your favorite color to wear? “Mmm I like to wear black! But I pretty much look good in any color, blessed with good skin :)”

What have you always wanted to try? “I have always wanted to try ballroom dancing actually, I love to dance but I feel like ballroom dancing you have to have this confidence and be sexy and stuff and I’m super awkward and I hate physical contact so there’s that haha.”

What scare you the most? “ICE SKATING. Or clowns I almost got taken by a clown when I was younger at a circus. I haven’t gone back to a circus since and clowns are still creepy.

If a movie was made about your life, who would star as you? “Either Mila Kunis or the girl that voices Moana (just cause some people have told me we have some resemblances and she seems super nice and sweet).”

What is your favorite food? “I LOVE FOOD. I like sushi, curry, Tostadas.”

Do you have a significant other, or are you currently married? “No, but I have a fur-baby! His name is Petey, he loves me and is my faithful companion, he is a great dog!”

What are some of your hobbies? “I like to dance, eat, be with my dog, spend time with my friends and family, read, go to hockey and volleyball games, and play the piano.”

Words of wisdom you would like to share? “Be kind and swallow your pride!”

We love having Concepcion as part of the Gunnerson Dental team in Payson, Utah!