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Introducing Our Most Recent Spotlight

Have you met Sierra yet? Sierra is our Assistant Team Leader who also happens to be our dance queen! You can randomly see her dancing to the music and hear her laughter floating down the hallway! Sierra has such a big heart and patients love her!

So this month, for Sierra’s spotlight video, we’re going to share with you our videos from our last trip to Nashville! We didn’t take you to class with us, but almost everything else is there!

The Interview

Do you have a nickname? “Dr. Gunnerson thinks it’s funny to call me Moana. My nickname growing up was (and still kind of is to my friends) Ruh.”

What is your most embarrassing moment? “My most embarrassing moment is when I was performing in a show at the Egyptian theater in Park city and I fell off of the stage! I just hopped back up and kept going but you could hear the whole crowd gasp.”

What was your fist car? “The first vehicle I purchased myself was a 2007 Honda Rebel Cruiser. I had never driven a road bike before I bought this. My dad thought I was crazy. I gave the guy the money and drove off. I took it around the block a time or two and I was good to go. I didn’t have my motorcycle license the whole time I owned that bike.”

Tell us something on your Bucket List that you plan on accomplishing soon! “I don’t have a bucket list. I prefer to live it the moment.”

What is your favorite vacation spot? “My favorite vacation spot is Heaven a.k.a. Lake Powell. My family owns a share of a houseboat there and we go every summer.”

What is your favorite color? My all time favorite colors are black, forest green and some burgundy’s.” What is your favorite color to wear? “My favorite color to wear is black.”


What’s your favorite part of your job? “My favorite part of my job is the people. The people I work with are amazing.  I know I needed to meet all of you. My other favorite is learning new things. I never gave a second thought to dentistry when I was younger, but I LOVE it now. Thanks for being great teachers everyone! Especially Kylee, Kira, and of course, Dr. G.”

What have you always wanted to try? “I have always wanted to backpack down the coast from the edge of WA to the edge of CA. It seems like a challenge and I think it would be pretty cool.”

What scare you the most? Wasps scare the crap out of me. And no I never plan on conquering that fear.”

Are you married? Do you have a favorite thing to do or place to go together? “I am married to Mason who is awesome. We’ve been married for 31/2 years. My favorite thing to do with him is hike and camp.”

If a movie was made about your life, who would star as you? “If someone made a movie about me, I would star as me. Duh. It would be a comedy. Or maybe a tragedy… ;)”

What is your favorite food? “My favorite foods change all the time. I love bacon, Panda Express’ honey walnut shrimp, burgers, sushi, anything with beef, anything with ranch on it, chai tea lattes.”

What are some of your hobbies? “Dancing, sleeping in, Playing with me dog, Hike the Y or Provo Canyon, Hang out with my family, watch Mason clean my car.”

Words of wisdom you would like to share? “I can’t help but constantly think how grateful I am, and isn’t that important? We are all blessed in so many ways and blessed by each other. Isn’t it amazing that there are people that live in the most poverty stricken areas, where even their water is not safe to drink, yet they are happy. I want to be like them. I want my reasons of happiness to be beyond my toys, my vacation, my budget. “It’s not happy people that are thankful, it is thankful people that are happy.”