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THIS FATHER’S DAY is a chance for us to express appreciation for those men in our lives who have supported us, taught us, and helped us to grow. For catching us when we fall, for making us laugh when we’re down… Thanks, Dad.

We Asked Our Team To Share

In this blog post, we asked the team here at Gunnerson Dental, “Do you have a favorite memory about your father, or a thought you’d like to share?” Here are their responses!

From Amber:

“When I was little I would wait by the back door until my dad got home from work so that I could check his lunch box. On his way home from work, he would stop and buy an apple juice and gummy worms and put them in his lunch box, where he knew I would find them without fail.”

From Morgan:

“When I was little we would go camping every summer. I thought my dad was a monkey because he would climb a tree and hang a rope swing for me to swing on each time. I loved swinging on a homemade swing.”

From Pam:

“When I was little, we lived in Heber where they used to have these dances during the summer. My parents would always take us to listen to the band play and dance. My dad wasn’t the type of dad that just sat and listened. He was the one out there dancing with his daughters. He made sure each of us girls knew how to swing dance and that each of us got a turn dancing with him.”

From Tricia:

“I can always count on my dad to be there for me no matter what. Wether it’s a flat tire, or being my supporter during surgery, or talking through a problem or brainstorming. He was always there for music and dance recitals. One time he was in Japan working when my year end dance recital was scheduled. I was sad he couldn’t come. So he worked like mad, re-arranged airfare and schedules and surprised me a half hour before leaving for my performance.”

From Wendy:

“One of the things I remember about my dad is how much he loved to go camping and fishing. One time, when my mom had a young baby at home, my dad wanted to give her a break. He gathered the 4 older kids (ages 9,7,5 and 4), packed up the car with camping stuff and took us on an adventure, He was super dad! We hiked to our campsite, put up the tent and built a fire. He cooked us an amazing dutch oven meal. We stayed overnight, hiked, fished, made smore’s and all returned home in one piece! My dad is the BEST!”

From Dawn:

“One of my favorite memories of my dad was when we lived in the mountains in Washington state and we had the worst snow storm that we had ever seen. The snow was deeper in feet than we were in height. All of the power was out in town for several days and we were trapped inside. So my dad, who was also the only one who could see over the snow, dug a HUGE maze that we could run and play in. And when it was too dark to play in the maze he would tell us stories about being stationed in Alaska during the dead of winter his first couple of years with the Navy, to make us laugh so we wouldn’t be scared. Thanks for teaching us how to be brave and to live in the moment!”

From Heidi:

“As a little girl, I loved to roller skate on our front porch & do performances for my father. I would pretend that I was an Olympic ice skater & my father would get the front row seat on our porch swing. I remember him cheering for me & being my biggest fan. I even had the most perfect songs to perform to and would play it on my silver stereo tape player. I also have a very fond memory of always wanting to be on my daddy’s shoulders because when he would lift me up and put me on his shoulders, I could touch the ceiling and I felt on top of the world! With his assistance I could reach higher than ever possible. I am still my Father’s Rose Bud. I love you daddy, Heidi Rose”

From Tiffany:

“I loved to be carried everywhere by my dad. I would say “up” and he would be happy to hold me. At bedtime I would fake being asleep so he would carry me to bed. He would say, “What a beautiful sleeping princess.” Now John, my husband,  carries me to bed. Ha!

From Kayla:

“On our farm when it was time to irrigate the fields, my dad would take us with him to the cement ditches. We would swim and slide down the cement ditches for so long that we would wear holes in our shorts!”
How About You?

Is there something about your own father, or someone who was a father figure in your life, that you would like to share? Comment below. We love to hear from you!

And to all the fathers out there… Happy Father’s Day! We appreciate you.


Image by Flickr user Jenn Durfey used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.