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MAKING A HALLOWEEN COSTUME is one of the best opportunities to exercise your imagination and let your creativity shine! Whether you dress up as a movie monster, comic book character, or just something funny, we love seeing costume ideas come to life.

This year, to help jumpstart your creativity, we are holding a costume contest to help you earn some extra cash before the holidays! Simply post a photo that you took between October 1, 2016 – November 2, 2016, using the hashtag #gunnersondental to our Facebook page, to be entered to win! There are 2 age categories: 0-11 years old and 12-105 years old. The winner must be able to pickup their prize at our office in Payson, Utah.

Our Favorite Halloween Getups

We asked some of our team members about their best outfits from the past:

Heidi – A witch when I was a kid. I wore a black dress, a pointy hat, makeup complete with warts and a green wig! It was fantastic!

Dawn – Oh it was definitely when my sister and I were younger, and our mom made Raggedy Ann Costumes and made our red hair look like hers. To be a little girl and look like a real doll was fun! We won awards that year for them. Although if you asked our brothers they would say it was the year we were both dancing giant bananas for a show we were in for halloween. Hilarious! They still talk about it!

Amber – When my mom bought me the “official” BYU Cheerleader outfit for Halloween! I LOVED it! Oh, or when I was Strawberry Shortcake! How do I pick only one?

Chelsie – I was a Whoopie Cushion! Everyone was seriously jealous of my costume! Now that was fun!

Dr Gunnerson – When I dressed up as the original Phantom of the Opera from the old black and white movie, where I wore a top hat! That was fun!

Do You Need A Last-Minute Costume Idea? Try This One Out!


What Are Your Halloween Plans?

Are you more into the spooky or the silly side of Halloween? No matter what your traditions are, have fun with friends and family and stay safe! Trick-or-treaters: go in a group, watch for cars and carry a flashlight.

Thanks for being our valued patients and friends. Have a happy Halloween!


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