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Dental Implants

Dr. Cheyn Gunnerson

Why would I need a dental implant?

Approximately 120 million people in the United States are missing at  least one tooth, which has prompted the dental world to answer the call  with suitable replacement options.

One choice that has people smiling from ear to ear is a dental implant,  which provides incredible stability, allowing people to eat, chew, and  smile with ease. Not only are dental implants an excellent choice for replacing missing  teeth, but they also provide support for other dental appliances, such  as partial dentures and bridges.

The team at Gunnerson Dental can replace an entire row of teeth using  only four implants to anchor the prosthetics. Called an All-on-4Ⓡ, this  technique provides you with a stable, nonremovable line of replacement  teeth.

When you lose a tooth, you lose much more than what you see above the  gum line. The roots of your teeth go down into your jawbone to provide  your teeth with excellent stability, and your jaw responds by  continually renewing the bone to provide this support.

Why is an implant a superior tooth-replacement option?

When you lose a tooth right down to its roots, the bone in the area no  longer receives the message that the area is active, so it ceases to  renew the bone tissue. This can then lead to bone loss in your jaw,  jeopardizing your surrounding teeth. With an implant, the team at  Gunnerson Dental places a titanium post into your jawbone, 

If you want to replace your teeth with a dental implant, the team at  Gunnerson Dental completes the procedure from start to finish right in  their office. So it’s convenient for you because there’s no need to make  a separate trip to an oral surgeon or another specialist.

What is the process of getting a dental implant?

With your jaw ready, they place the implant into your bone and then  attach a crown to the post. It may take a little time for your body to  fuse the implant into place with new bone growth, but you should be able  to function normally while the implant completely stabilizes. The great  news is that once your implant becomes the new root, it should go the  distance with you. 

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