Root Canal treatment we offer at 'Gunnerson Dental'

Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Cheyn Gunnerson

Why Are Root Canals Helpful?

When teeth are exposed to extensive damage or decay, it is possible for  the inner pulp and nerve of your tooth to become infected. When this  happens, Dr. Gunnerson may recommend a root canal treatment to preserve  your tooth. 

At Gunnerson Dental, our team is trained and qualified to perform  non-surgical root canals that will restore your oral health and comfort.  We strive to ensure that each procedure is performed with care and has  you leaving our office with a smile.

Commonly called a root canal, root canal treatment is a type of  endodontic therapy that is often recommended if the tooth pulp and  nerves become infected or damaged. This may occur if injury or decay  reaches deep into the tooth, past the outer enamel layer.

What Is A Root Canal?

When left untreated, this type of infection and disease may cause the  tooth to die and necessitate tooth extraction.To restore the health of  the tooth and avoid the need for extraction, Dr. Gunnerson will remove  the infected and injured tissues from within the tooth, clean the tooth,  and fill it with a medicated material. 

Dr. Gunnerson Says, ‘Don’t Be Anxious’ About Root Canals

Root canal treatment has a reputation for being a painful treatment. In  reality, however, root canal treatment can often be completed with  minimal discomfort thanks to advanced techniques, tools, and anesthesia.

Our dentist, along with our entire dental team, works hard to provide  you with a pleasant, comfortable experience each time you visit our  office.

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