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What Are My Options for a Smile Makeover?

Do you often find yourself switching from one toothpaste to another, hoping for a way to brush away the stains? Perhaps you've been hiding your smile for years now due to a misalignment. 

Cosmetic dental issues can be a thing of the past with a smile makeover, a series of dental procedures tailored to your needs and budget.

If years of drinking coffee and dealing with everyday wear-and-tear have damaged your teeth, you can rest easy knowing there are solutions. Here are a few procedures and treatments you can choose from when seeking help from our experts at Gunnerson Dental in Payson, Utah.

Fix misalignments without sporting a metal mouth

If you’re past your teenage years and have misaligned teeth, you may fear the inconvenience of wearing metal braces. But we offer six month smiles, a clear bracket system that is almost invisible and easier to clean and maintain than normal braces. 

Get a pearly white smile

Teeth whitening is by far one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures in the United States. Within a visit, we can get your teeth several shades whiter. 

If you aren’t in a rush and want to whiten your teeth more gradually, we can also give you a teeth whitening kit to use at home. If you want to maintain the results, you may need to repeat the process every six months.

Mask stains, chips, and cracks in your teeth

Veneers are the reason why so many celebrities seem to have perfect smiles. Veneers are thin wafers of porcelain that can mask the shape, shade, size, and positioning of your teeth. These coverings last between 10 and 15 years.

Restore damaged or missing teeth 

You can also include dental implants or crowns in your smile makeover. Our board-certified dentist, K. Cheyn Gunnerson, DMD, uses implants to replace missing teeth or serve as anchors for your prosthetics. 

With the All-on-4Ⓡ technique, we can now use four implants to support an entire row of teeth.

If your teeth are restorable, we may recommend dental crowns. Dental crowns are caps that completely cover a damaged tooth, protecting it from wear-and-tear. They’re designed to look and feel like natural teeth and can last for up to 15 years. 

Unsure what procedures and treatments would work best for your teeth? Contact us to schedule an appointment and find out what procedures suit your cosmetic goals and your budget.

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