Obtain laser gum treatment with Payson, UT, area dentist

When the team at Gunnerson Dental of Payson, Utah, diagnose a patient with periodontal disease, it means that treatment needs to begin as soon as possible. The periodontal disease, more commonly referred to as “gum disease,” is an infection that starts in the soft tissues and can spread dramatically through the mouth and body. Periodontal disease is completely preventable, but if it does develop, it requires thorough and immediate treatment. Dr. K. Cheyn Gunnerson is pleased to provide laser gum treatment using the latest dental technologies.

What is laser gum treatment?

Patients diagnosed with periodontal disease have bacteria present in the mouth that is harmful. It can grow between the pockets that develop between the teeth and gums, where it thrives and multiples. The infection spreads throughout the smile and can result in the loss of:

  • Gums
  • Jawbone
  • Natural teeth

Because of the damage, periodontal disease can cause, immediate treatment is recommended. Dr. K. Cheyn Gunnerson recommends the use of laser technology to effectively kill bacteria in the mouth and treat periodontal disease right at the source. Laser light penetrates the tissues for effective treatment while remaining comfortable for patients.

Does laser gum treatment hurt?

Laser treatment is less painful than more traditional treatments for periodontal disease such as scaling and root planing. It also results in less bleeding and swelling, allowing patients to enjoy a faster recovery. Our team also provides various levels of sedation dentistry to ensure patients are comfortable during their treatment, as well as local anesthetics to numb the mouth and perform painless treatment.

Why choose laser treatment?

Laser treatment is one of the most effective ways for patients to address bacteria in the smile in a less invasive manner than conventional methodologies. Laser treatment offers precision care with faster healing times, allowing patients to return to their normal activities with less interruption.

Are you in need of treatment for periodontal disease?

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