Dentistry is the treatment and prevention of disorders and diseases of a patient’s teeth, gums, mouth and jaw. Dentistry performed properly is necessary for complete oral health and it has a significant impact on the health of a patient’s entire body.
A dentist is a specialist who has been trained to diagnose, treat and prevent oral health conditions. Dr. Gunnerson has completed many years of schooling in order to practice dentistry. After schooling a dentist can receive either a DDS or DMD degree. DDS stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and DMD stands for Doctor of Dental Medicine. There are other specializations that a dentist may go to school for:
  • Oral and maxillofacial (includes pathology, radiology and surgery)
  • Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics
  • Endodontics (specialization in root canals)
  • Periodontics (specialization in gum disease)
  • Prosthodontics (specialization in lab fabricated restoration)
Here at Gunnerson Dental we know how busy life can be. Fitting a dental appointment into your busy schedule seems to be one of the most difficult things you have to do. Proper oral hygiene is difficult to maintain. Brushing for two minutes twice a day and flossing after every meal will keep many oral hygiene problems away, but not all. Scheduling a hygiene reservation at Gunnerson Dental twice a year is highly recommended to maintain proper oral hygiene and catch problems before they become costly and painful.
It’s very important to schedule regular cleanings here at Gunnerson Dental. Dr. Gunnerson recommends seeing you twice a year. There are many problems which can exist without knowing. Not only can we identify problems before they become painful and expensive but we can also help to keep your smile looking fantastic. We know how important it is to feel comfortable with your smile. This is why we offer many treatments to help improve patient aesthetics.
Sixth month cleanings are recommended for proper oral hygiene. At Gunnerson Dental an appointment will include a full oral examination, oral cancer exam, professional digital x-rays to catch cavities, evaluate your bone and supporting structures, and a full cleaning by our amazing hygienists. Your cleaning will remove tartar, debris and plaque from your mouth. Dr. Gunnerson will coordinate with your hygienist and recommend a treatment plan for any problems that are found. We may also recommend any aesthetic and cosmetic treatments to improve your smile. Please call our office at (801) 658-0175 to schedule an appointment or for any additional questions.
Recommendations by professionals throughout the dental industry vary. Dr. Gunnerson recommends that children should start seeing the dentist at two years of age. Parents are always welcome to bring them earlier for an exam if they have any concerns.
Dr. Gunnerson recommends at least every three months. If you’re using and electronic toothbrush, make sure to check the recommendation of the type of toothbrush because you may not have to change the head of the brush often. If a patient has gum disease Dr. Gunnerson recommends that you change your brush more often then every three months. Also, after brushing it’s very important to wash and rinse your brush out with hot water. This will kill germs and bacteria and keep your tooth brush clean.
The earliest stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. Gingivitis is an infection caused by plaque that begins around tissues of your teeth. If you have gingivitis you may notice that your gums become red, swollen and may bleed easily. Another effect of gingivitis is bad breath. You may not feel any pain, which makes gingivitis difficult to notice. The best thing that you can do to prevent gingivitis is to brush and floss regularly and not use tobacco. Studies have also shown that gingivitis is more common with pregnant women, people with crooked teeth or persons with diabetes. When gingivitis is in its early stages it’s preventable with a professional cleaning. Your gums can be returned to their natural color. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above please give us a call today at (801) 658-0175.
Gum disease is also called periodontal disease or periodontitis and is the more advanced form of gum disease. When plaque and bacteria build up and not treated in it’s early stages, this will lead to periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can also be caused by smoking and chewing tobacco, teeth grinding, and influenced by certain medications and genetics. Advanced forms of periodontal disease can cause bone and tooth loss as well as permanent damage. Dr. Gunnerson recommends that brushing and flossing every day as well as scheduling dental appointments every six months is the best way to fight gum disease. Some of the most common signs of periodontal disease are the following:
  • Abscessed teeth
  • Extreme tooth sensitivity
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Loose teeth and or loss of teeth
  • Red, swollen or bleeding gums
  • Receding gum line
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms please call us as soon as possible. You can reach us at (801) 658-0175 or email us to schedule a consultation. Your dental health is out highest concern.
Here at Gunnerson Dental we work with a majority of dental insurance plans. We can even bill your medical insurance for many procedures due to accidents. Please call our office for more information about insurance at (801) 658-0175. Prior to calling please have your insurance information ready. Also, please plan to pay your co-pay or deductible portion at the time of service.
For your convenience here at Gunnerson Dental we accept cash, check, cashier’s checks, Visa, Master Card, Amex and Discover. We also provide payment plans through our office or third party financing through Mountain America Credit Union. If you have any more questions regarding payment methods please give us a call at (801) 658-0175 and we’ll do our best to find the right solution for you.
Are you new to Payson, Santaquin, Spanish Fork or South Utah Valley? Or are you disappointed with your current dentist? Perhaps you have been avoiding the dentist but want to start protecting your oral health. Whatever the reason may be, looking for a local dentist can be difficult. At Gunnerson Dental, we are here to take care of your dental needs and more! Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, and it can affect your life by influencing your self-confidence. Having good oral health can also affect your life, especially if it means preventing chronic pain or discomfort. Visiting the dentist is essential to maintain excellent oral health, but it can take time to find the right dentist for you and your family. Our team at Gunnerson Dental wants to help minimize the amount of time and frustration you may experience in your search for a better dentist. Gunnerson Dental has been in practice for more than 21 years with an award-winning, 5-star team. Dr. K. Cheyn Gunnerson has spent years developing his knowledge and skills to more properly and compassionately care for your smile. We are not your average dental office. More than just focusing on your oral health we also provide services like sleep apnea solutions as well as offering home sleep studies. We are always on the lookout to help our patients with managing stress and anxiety, which is one of the reasons that we offer Nucalm. Nucalm is a new technology that helps to reduce stress. Please ask us about it at your next appointment. We are committed to continuing our education year-round and to using the latest dental technology as means of providing you with the most effective treatments possible. Our team is passionate about dentistry, and we strive to help our patients feel relaxed and at home during their visits. We love helping our patients get a smile they love and helping them realize their full potential. To learn more about how you can receive the quality and personalized dentistry in Payson, Utah, that you deserve, and to schedule your next appointment, please contact us today at 801-658-0102! We look forward to making you smile.
Trusting your dentist is important, and it can be difficult to find a dentist that fits you and your family. Despite the dentist you end up choosing, there are certain requirements that should be met before choosing a dentist. To help you find the right dentist, be sure to keep the following items in mind:


It takes about eight years to complete an undergraduate degree and a dental degree. While degrees are important, some of the most trustworthy and enjoyable dentists continue their education through residency programs, certification programs, advanced and specific training, lectures, etc. Dentists who have continued their education and continue to do so will most likely be the best fit for you. Dr. K. Cheyn Gunnerson has been continuing his education annually since completing his degree and stays up-to-date with the latest dental treatments and technology to give you the care you deserve.


Are you looking for a dentist that is close to home? What about appointment flexibility? What are their hours of operation? These are important questions to help find a dentist that fits your logistical needs. Gunnerson Dental works with your schedule to ensure that we can care for your dental needs when it is convenient for you. Twice a month we offer late Mondays where we are open until 7pm. We are also pleased to serve all of southern Utah County, providing care for patients both near and far.

Personal Comfort.

Perhaps one of the most important things to consider when choosing a dentist is how you feel during your visits. Do you feel comfortable enough to explain symptoms, problems, or ask questions? If you are taking your children there, do they feel comfortable? In addition to these questions, it is important that you feel that your dentist takes interest in your concerns and understands what kind of treatments and results you’re looking for. Dr. K. Cheyn Gunnerson and our team at Gunnerson Dental strive to not only make you feel good about your smile but to make you feel good about yourself. We love our patients and strive to provide excellent dental care by caring about you as a person first.

Cost and Insurance.

Dental insurance can be a great benefit and help in receiving dental care. However, many insurances limit the amount they pay out in benefits each year and the type of procedures that can be provided to you. Insurance should never be a limitation on thequality of care you receive or the dentist you choose as your provider. Your needs maybe different than your insurance is able to provide coverage for. Call us if you havec oncerns about using your insurance benefits in our office. Gunnerson Dental accepts most insurances and other forms of payment. We also provide an in-house Dental Savings Plan to help you get the dental care you deserve without worry about the cost. You can learn more about the details of this plan by contacting our front office.


A great way to find a dentist is to ask family, friends, and coworkers about their own dentists. By getting others’ first-hand experiences, you can get a feel for different dentists without having to experience them all yourself. You may also want to ask for a list of dentists who are members of the American Dental Association (ADA) and your local dental society. Dr. K. Cheyn Gunnerson is a member of six dental associations and academies, and he is actively involved with his community. Our team at Gunnerson Dental wishes that your search for the right dentist is one without frustration or anxiety. We strive to give each patient personalized dental care to achieve a healthy smile they will be proud of. Our helpful and friendly team is here to ensure that your visits go smoothly and that you get the most out of our affordable, comprehensive dental care. Call our office at (801) 658-0175 or stop by today to visit with our team and to find out whether our experienced dentist in Payson, Utah, is right for you.